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What people have said about working with Brian and Terra:

“Brian is one of my favorite people, as a coworker and friend. I’ve never met someone with so many ideas and initiative to conquer all obstacles in the way of making them happen. He’s unbelievably supportive and motivating. Brian has done wonders for my confidence on air (television and podcasts) and for that, I will always embark on any maiden voyage he starts!”

Samantha Jo Francis

TV Personality

“Terra is a patient and fun leader, who doesn’t get annoyed when you ask too many questions. She’s eager and ready to assist you any time you need her to, and she won’t make a secret out of the fact that though she might not be clear on something, she will do everything to find it out for you. She’s sweet and never talks down to you, so no matter what it is you need help with, you’ll find a great mentor and an even better friend in Terra.”

Sam Destiny


“Yes, Brian is a broadcast professional. That’s why we invited him to be an instructor. But I soon discovered Brian is so much more than that; He’s an artist and an entertainer, he’s an editor and an educator. And the great thing about him is he can do all those things at once and that is how he endears himself to our students and the educational process at Carolina School of Broadcasting. Plus, he’s an all around great human being with a wealth of knowledge that he’s eager to share.”

Ken Fuquay

Co-Director in charge of Curriculum , Carolina School of Broadcasting

“Brian has always been a sounding board for me in the broadcast journalism industry. He helped me develop a reel for the AP Awards, as well as my YouTube page. He is very hands-on when it comes to coaching, and his door is always open. When I needed feedback, he was there to give constructive feedback. Because of Brian- I was able to grow into my first job in a top 30 market- he is wonderful at coaching- and helping people grow to be all around good journalists!”

Katie Garner

Weather Personality, MyFox8- Greensboro, NC

“Brian is a thinker. He constantly innovates and brings fresh ideas to the table. Brian is always scouring the globe keeping up on the latest trends and techniques that are emerging in the film and broadcast industry. Whether it’s pop culture or hard news, Brian would easily be my first choice to produce any and all content related to either. There is not a facet of the mass media business that Brian has not dealt with extensively. I have greatly benefitted from his experience and I would urge anyone looking for help or guidance on any level to seek advice and counsel from this man.”

Eric Thomas

Senior Meteorologist , WBTV - Charlotte, NC

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