Everything starts with the why. Like, why should I start podcasting?

There are, quite literally, a million podcasts. Why should you start podcasting, why now? What do you have to say that other people need to hear?

This is part of the equation I can guide you to, but you have to take the drink. In that analogy, you are the horse. Sorry about that.

Whether you are a broadcast professional, or a person with a voice who just wants to be heard- if you have given it enough thought that you were motivated to read even this far- then there’s something there. Something inside you that needs to get out.


For radio pros, it’s just what you do. It’s in your blood. It’s who you are. Radio may have quit you, but you cannot quit radio. Furthermore, there are a LOT of bad podcasts out there. Listeners need you. Podcasting is the new frontier. The Future of everything we’ve ever done. If you are not prepared to be a podcaster, you could be left behind. A large percentage of internet users use it to listen to audio programming, and that number grows every year- at last count 100 million. A third of the US population!


Whatever side of the fence you are approaching this from, the process starts by knowing what you have to say, and who your audience is. This is, more than ever, up to you.

What do YOU want to say? What message do you have? Are you an expert in something and you just want your podcast to be about that subject?  That works really well in this arena.
Maybe you’re a home beer brewer, a bicyclist, a rock climber, maybe you just watch a ton of television and want to do a podcast about a specific show you like and have a unique opinion about… that works!

It could be super macro-specific. Matt Mira and writer/director Kevin Smith produce a podcast called “Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs” that dissects episodes of “Frasier” one by one.

Whatever you decide- it’s important to stick to that idea, and have a unique voice.

Your podcast, when you are ready, will speak to very specific people. YOUR audience will consciously choose to listen to you. They will carry you with them to the gym, in their cars, at work, listening when they’re supposed to be doing something else. They will CHOOSE you, on their time, on their schedule, when it works for them. They will stop you and start you and fast forward when you touch on something that just doesn’t interest them. They will have unbelievably short attention spans and they will want you literally dropped in their laps through iTunes or RSS feeds. They are extremely high-maintenance and some are difficult to please.

These are the demands you have to meet, and when you meet them, there is no feeling like it.

Got a specific question, drop me an email at brian@imagineBandT.com and I will do my best to help.

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