Are You Confused By Twitter-

Confused- did you set up a Twitter account way back when it was hip to do? Now you have no clue what your password was, and better yet, what was the point of it all?

Well, then this title about sums it up for you- it may be making you dizzy, confused, and left wondering what to say in just 140 characters. Wait, 140 characters, but Pinterest or Facebook lets me use WAY more characters than that. How can I really sum up what I want to share?

Boy, so many questions- and guess what, we have lots of time to get them ALL answered.

Something to think about if you run a business, are an author, or have a blog- you most definitely should be on Twitter. There is an audience there for you and your message, AND it can help you build that following you’re looking for in the end. With all the changes to Facebook there’s no better time then now to latch onto all the benefits Twitter has to offer.

The way you share your messages on Facebook will not translate over to Twitter. Twitter is fast, in need of simple content, and your readers are only available for about one to two minutes at a time. But don’t let that frighten you from a powerful tool that can be the catalyst for the growth of your blog, business, or even the sale of your next book.

Do you find Twitter intimidating? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We can help.

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