The Podcast Marketplace-3

It’s a crowded podcast marketplace. There are a bajillion podcasts and now you want to add your voice to the mix.

Do it. There’s never been a better time to get started.

The message here isn’t “throw up a podcast and get a million listeners” because that’s not likely to happen. But what if you could throw up a podcast every week about your business, or about something that’s important to you, or something that excites you- and get 500 listeners a week?

Imagine you have a free opportunity to speak about your business in front of 150 people. You’d do it, right? Let me answer for you- yes, yes you would. Most business owners would do just about anything to get their message in front of an invested group of people on a regular basis.

That’s the opportunity that podcasting gives you- to reach people who are interested in the same things you are, whether it’s your business or coin collecting or football- and you don’t have to connect with a massive audience to make it worthwhile.

Unless your goal is making money and then that’s a whole different conversation.

But for the moment, let’s forget about making money and focus on your message and getting it heard. Think about the big picture, and what being heard can do for your brand. As long as your goal is realistic, you can reach a respectable audience in a short amount of time. Be passionate, which shouldn’t be a problem because you’ve chosen a podcast topic you’re already excited about. That passion will carry you to a group of people who are equally excited about the thing you’re jacked up about.

It’s a big, wide open internet and there’s room for all of us.

All you gotta do is start.

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