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Are you a Facebook junkie like me? I think everyone is by now. I mean, heck, Facebook IS the number one social media platform out there. We all share our life stories, pictures of our families, and rant about what’s eating us up inside. Am I right? When you want to really get your thought out there you include that pesky hashtag to your important message. You do, don’t you? Are you one of those people that loves to create your own hashtags with a funny message, or to take a stand for something you believe in? Yeah, I’ve done it, too.

Here’s the thing, they are a waste of your time and space on your post. No, really, they are. The hashtags work perfectly on Twitter, Instagram, and even Google +, but not on Facebook. For Twitter and Instagram, they’re vital to your post, they’re like your lifeline.

Are you grumbling now? I feel your pain- because let’s be real, it’s just another thing we have to think about when putting a post up. One minute they say don’t include links because they hurt your organic reach. The next minute they are taking away our organic reach, well, all but like 1-6% of it. What next?

Just like any social platform, they own the rights not us. So Facebook can tell you to say “fluffy bunny feet” in all your posts and, by golly, you probably should. The only social platform that doesn’t control you is your email list (more on that another time). So, if Facebook wants to control our hashtag usage, you probably should oblige.

Ultimately, using a hashtag hurts your organic reach (which already sucks, remember?) Facebook just never joined the hashtag bandwagon, and so going forward you want to avoid them. What happens if there are hashtags in the post? That post gets hidden. So if you’re already complaining about your post reach (and I know you are), then just let that hashtag bond go on Facebook. They’ll still be around when you pop over to Twitter, Instagram, and Google +.

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