Why You Should Hit Publish?Why you should hit publish? Are you wondering how this relates to building your online presence? Well, a lot actually. Not only is publishing a book rewarding and gratifying, it also gives you that bump you’re looking for to be included in the top talks, conferences, and that next important interview. One of the top talks people hope to be asked to speak at is TEDx and publishing could set you up for that.

The moment you hit publish- you become an expert in that subject. For myself, I have several romance books published, and have learned all areas of self-publishing. So not only am I an expert in writing romance; I’ve paved the way to being the expert in self-publishing. With my experiences, I have now helped a few people self-publish their own books. (Look for more posts this month that will give you inside details for self-publishing your book.)

For Brian- he has worked with podcasts in all different ways for over 15 years. Now with his newly-published book, The Podcast Pep Talk, it solidifies his knowledge and shows people he truly has that experience.

Do you need to write a book to prove your expertise? Of course not. However, if your goal is to do public speaking in the future- you do need that book. (More on public speaking later in the month.) We need to stress here that writing a book is not the end-all to getting to that ultimate end game- it will help though.

Are you nervous about writing a book or the process it takes to write a book? Trust me, there are so many blogs and yes, even books to help you get that dream to a reality.

Another great reason to publish that book- if you want to teach or share your experiences on your website, provide online courses, or helpful videos- you could share your book with your students as part of their training.

So, are you still saying, “Terra, how is this building my online presence?”

 Okay, let’s break it down a little more.

You have a website and social pages, but you may want more. You love sharing your knowledge, but feel like there has to be a way to get your message out there to a wider audience. There is, and to millions more eyeballs. Once you write that book, you then have the option to share it on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more, in e-book and paperback format. Then you take that book and start sharing it more on your site, social pages, and when you go to that next speaking engagement.

You’ve just added to your online presence with your awesome book. We’ll look at all areas of publishing this month and why it’s time to hit publish.

Any questions just drop me a line at terra@imaginebandt.com.

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