On Tuesday we talked about why you should hit publish– today we will talk a little about how publishing that book really can help build your online presence.

Are you still nervous to hit publish?

Well, let’s look at what Brian has to say about his experience publishing his first book last week. He shares his experience and how he’s become more like a “marketer” for his book. (Next week we will look at social media for published authors.)

From Brian: I published a book. Now what?

Last week I accomplished something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I published a book.

I’ve been writing for television, radio, news, and for the occasional print publication for years and always wanted to publish, but until now just hadn’t.

Now I have, and like anything, reaching that first goal is only part of the effort.

On one hand, the new frontier of self-publishing is fantastic. An aspiring author doesn’t have to submit to multiple publishing companies and get rejected a dozen times, only to possibly never get published.

Today, we’re all potential authors- which is great! The market itself decides what’s viable and what isn’t. There is nothing stopping us!

On the other hand, without a publishing company behind your book, all the work after you publish is on you.

So your work doesn’t end when you hit publish- at this stage you’re less “author” and more “marketer.”

Where do you start? Get involved with author’s groups online, make sure you’re on social media- and not just Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest can be a huge marketing opportunity for you if you use it properly (more on that next week).  Instagram is great, too. (Especially if you’re using the Instagram Stories feature now.) If you can, boost posts on Facebook and Twitter and pay for some online advertising. (Paying is not always necessary, especially with an author’s budget, but if you can swing it- go for it.)

But the key is to be a relentless self-promoter.

You know that friend from college who you haven’t heard from in years and suddenly they reach out to you on Facebook and want to get together, and when you do they’re pitching you some vitamins or soap or something and telling you how you can make money by recruiting other people to sell soap or whatever?

Yep. That’s you now. No matter what your fulltime gig is, when people ask you what you do your answer is, “I’m an author.” You need to talk relentlessly about your book. People will respond positively and the more you put out to the universe that you’re an author, the more real it becomes- for everyone.

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Side note from Terra: For the past two years I have said, “I’m an author,” to almost everyone and it works. I have met some great people that are genuinely excited to meet an author and want to read my books.

What’s your takeaway today? 

Don’t be afraid to hit publish because you don’t know what happens next. Just hit publish, and then start learning all you can about how to market that pretty new book and all the ways to build your online presence.

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