You Decided To Publish- Now What?

Since you decided to publish- now what? While you’re continuing to write that pretty book, let’s chat about building your social media platforms. Those two overwhelming words: social media. Remember it’s important to start building up your online presence so when you decide to sell that book people will hear you.

Today let’s discuss email marketing service or what many call their “newsletter.” The word newsletter is phasing out and in it’s place we are using email. Did you expect me to say something else fancy? Nope. Email is the winner. We want to build up our email list with subscribers who truly want to hear what you have to say. The process to build up your email list can be daunting and at times feel maybe … hopeless. That word seems a bit extreme, but trust me- it’s the truth. You have to share content in a way that will make the subscribers listen and want more. What is that magical content? That answer varies for every person with an email list. What will go viral and be loved can be so random.

The most important advice we can provide when working on building your email is stay true to who you are. Talk to the readers with your real voice, don’t try to be someone you’re not. In the end, the real you will want to come out- so don’t hide it behind a facade. For example: I love using words like “rock on,” “killer,” “awesome,” and many more. Will you find them in my posts? Absolutely.

Now, the question- what email marketing service do you use? That’s a bit more involved, honestly. I have explored a few different services and currently love one of them. I run three websites, my author page, our food blog, and of course here at Imagine B & T. What I found, there are specific EMS that will work perfectly with your lists.

You don’t always have to pay a monthly fee for your EMS, but many do charge after you reach a certain number in your subscriber list. So which do you choose? Well, the most popular one is Mailchimp, you can use them for free under 2,000 subscribers. That’s the best one out there if you need to think about cost. Another one I have used is Vertical Response, they are free under 1,000 subscribers. Otherwise, plan to pay a fee of some kind with any of the other EMS you decide on. That fee varies between $25/month and just goes up depending on your list and needs.

I have used Mailchimp, Vertical Response, Get Respone, ConvertKit, Mad Mimi, and Drip. I can tell you pros and cons for all six services. In the end, you have to find which one will best fit your needs.

I plan to share more with my EMS experiences in an ebook in the future.

Our Takeaway Today:

 Are you still curious why we need to sign up for an email marketing service? Well, having your very own email list is like standing on a stage in front of a crowd- you have the subscriber’s full attention. They are there to listen to you and only you- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are not distracting them in the background (hopefully). Plus, remember those other platforms are owned by someone and they run the show, but with your email list, you own that list- it’s your baby.

Building up that list while in the beginning stages of writing your book, will make it easier to promote once you publish that work of art.

Are you ready to start building an email list? Do you have an email list started, but it is sitting there unloved?

For the next post we will explore Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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