You're Ready To Publish- Let's Talk About Social Media

You’re ready to publish- let’s talk about social media. I know what you are going to say. You work hard to make cool things and that’s practically a full-time job. Now you have to add another 24/7 job to promote the cool thing you made.

The fact is you do, and you should. And here’s why.

Social Media sometimes gets a bad rap, and some of it… a lot of it… is warranted. It can be a time-sucking cesspool of negative energy and snark, but like anything you can get out of it whatever you want.

Whatever you have created- a book, a blog, videos, t-shirts- you want people to see it, you’re not creating in a vacuum.  The best, most economical way to get exposure is through social media. It seems daunting looking in from the outside but that’s just sensory overload. It’s an always-changing, never-ending river of information and links and opinions and what your friends are having for lunch and the latest photos of your friends’ children (especially during back-to-school week).

But if you can drill through all that, it’s actually pretty simple and a super-powerful way to connect with people, just like you, who are interested in the things you have created.

Best of all? It’s free.

Let me put it to you this way- if you had an opportunity a few times a day to deliver your message to even just a handful of people who were invested in what you had to offer, wouldn’t you do it?

Of course you would. Imagine if every time you delivered that message the group that gathered to hear it got a little bigger, and a little more vocal and you were able to exchange ideas and thoughts and even move a little bit of whatever you created. You’d absolutely do that.

That’s what social media can do for you if you let it. The good news here, if you’re intimidated by it (and it’s ok if you are) is that you can start slowly. Start with a business/product page on Facebook. Post at least once a day. Initially your followers will consist of mostly family and friends, and that’s ok, too. That’s how it starts, when your family and friends start getting on board and then their friends see it and they get on board and it grows from there. It’s actually pretty awesome.

Once you’re comfortable there and you’ve established a workflow, you can move on to the next platform. Twitter is a good choice. The good news here is that you do NOT have to be involved in every social media platform- honestly- Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the big three and if you just stop there and stay focused you’ll do just fine

You’ll find, once you get in and focus on what you want to get out of it, that it’s really effective. You can work it as hard or as lightly as you want- but you HAVE to be there if you want to be seen and if you just focus on your goal you don’t even have to get involved in all the other stuff.

Bottom line: You’ve made something cool. You have massive platforms at your disposal for FREE to help spread the word. Not taking advantage of this is a mistake. Interested in seeing what we talk about more in-depth regarding social media?

Are you struggling with your social pages? Have you been thinking about setting up a Twitter or Facebook account, but unsure what to exactly do next?

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