Let's Review: Why To Publish?

This month we’re talking all about publishing and how it can help build your online presence. Before we continue on, let’s review why to publish with the four posts we’ve shared already.

Why You Should Hit Publish:

Why you should hit publish? Are you wondering how this relates to building your online presence? Well, a lot actually. Not only is publishing a book rewarding and gratifying, it also gives you that bump you’re looking for to be included in the top talks, conferences, and that next important interview. One of the top talks people hope to be asked to speak at is TEDx and publishing could set you up for that. Read More…

How Publishing A Book Will Build Your Online Presence:

Are you still nervous to hit publish?

Well, let’s look at what Brian has to say about his experience publishing his first book last week. He shares his experience and how he’s become more like a “marketer” for his book. (Next week we will look at social media for published authors.)

From Brian: I published a book. Now what?

Last week I accomplished something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I published a book.

I’ve been writing for television, radio, news, and for the occasional print publication for years and always wanted to publish, but until now just hadn’t.

Now I have, and like anything, reaching that first goal is only part of the effort.

On one hand, the new frontier of self-publishing is fantastic. An aspiring author doesn’t have to submit to multiple publishing companies and get rejected a dozen times, only to possibly never get published.

Today, we’re all potential authors- which is great! The market itself decides what’s viable and what isn’t. There is nothing stopping us! Read More…

You Decided To Publish- Now What?

Since you decided to publish- now what? While you’re continuing to write that pretty book, let’s chat about building your social media platforms. Those two overwhelming words: social media. Remember it’s important to start building up your online presence so when you decide to sell that book people will hear you. Read More…

You’re Ready To Publish- Let’s Talk About Social Media:

You’re ready to publish- let’s talk about social media. I know what you are going to say. You work hard to make cool things and that’s practically a full-time job. Now you have to add another 24/7 job to promote the cool thing you made.

The fact is you do, and you should. And here’s why.

Social Media sometimes gets a bad rap, and some of it… a lot of it… is warranted. It can be a time-sucking cesspool of negative energy and snark, but like anything you can get out of it whatever you want. Read More…

Now stay tuned- on Thursday we have a special guest that will discuss automation. After all the social media talk, this post will ease your mind on how to juggle all the new promotion you will need to do on your own.

Any questions you can contact Brian and myself at info@imaginebandt.com.

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