Automation: The What, The Why, And The How?

Sometimes I take a look at my journey into entrepreneurship and reflect. If there was something I wish were stressed to me at the very beginning, I wish it would have been about: Automating.

Getting your business to a place where it works on it’s own, and can survive on its own, without you physically doing anything at the moment, is vital.

For your business to thrive and succeed, most especially, without you burning out, you must automate it.

If you don’t even know what I mean by “automating”, no worries! I’ve got you covered.

We’re going to talk about what it is, why it’s important, and how to get you off the ground running by giving you tools you can use to implement in your business.

What The Heck Even Is Automating?

Automating is simply putting together an online strategy through the use of online tools to get your business to run smoothly without physical, in-the-moment interference.

Layman’s terms? Your posts, whether through blogging, email marketing, or social media marketing, all go out on their own without you doing squat. Sounds like a dream? How about a plan instead?

That’s right! It’s possible for your business to continue marching on, gaining you more exposure on the web, drawing in more clients, helping you connect more to your tribe, without you doing a thing.

Automating translates to professional freedom. Instead of continuously burning the midnight oil, you can let certain aspects (or just about all of it) in your business run on their own so you can have the liberty to focus your attention and energy on other business priorities.


What and Why Should You Automate?

To dive into the different levels of automating, we’ll break it down into 2 ways for you to grasp it and also apply it.

What should you automate?

In business, I vote for automating everything. And when I say everything, I do mean everything.

  • Social Media Posts: If you use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, you should be  automating your posts. You shouldn’t be swamped daily trying to post on each network, about the same thing in a different manner several times a day, everyday by your lonesome. That is pure madness. Schedule it out.
  • Email marketing: If you have an email list at all, you should be speaking to them regularly. You do not however need to write a new email each time, at the moment. Schedule out your emails so you are connecting to new subscribers, rekindling the flame with older ones, able to pitch a new project to the loyal ones and able to continue to grow your subscribers list and their trust in you.
  • Blogging: It’s a fact, a blog will increase the growth of your business. Period. That being said, if you don’t have one, get on it. If you do, automate it. Write out your posts in batch assignments ahead of time, then schedule them to be posted at a certain time so your business consistently has new content and also you’re not running behind the curve.

Why should you automate?      

If you’re a client-based business, especially, you need to automate. Scheduling the tedious parts of your business frees up your time, and let’s be honest, your energy, to do what you want to do: work for your clients to revolutionize their business. This cannot be done if your hands are always tied trying to get together your own business.

It also gives you peace of mind.

Need to go on vacation for two weeks? Your business can run without you. Need to visit grandma because she’s ill? Your business can run without you. Need to go an impromptu road trip with close friends? Have a random surgery you have to undergo? Want to step back and take some “me” time? Guess what, if your business is automated, you can do whatever you’d like and it will run just fine without you.


How To Automate and Have Your Business Run On Autopilot!

Ah, my favorite part: how to actually get all of this awesomeness working for you as soon as possible! I use very simple tools, but I will go ahead and provide a variety of tools that can be used to automate your business. Use them to set up a system so you can be more hands free with the tedious parts of your business.


Social Media

Email Marketing:


These are some of the most tried and true tools to use for automating your business. There are hundreds (literally) out there, but these are pretty awesome and get my vote.

Take a day or two, and create a batch schedule. Break it down by certain hours spent scheduling a certain media channel, writing a set of emails, or blog posts. Then take the time to put them in the scheduler you choose.

It will take some time up front, but you can bet your bottom dollar you will be grateful you did this ahead of time. Once it’s completed, you can sit back, relax, and watch your business flourish without you even having to do a thing.


Are you struggling to automate your posts? Have you been wanting to do so but just don’t know where to start, or how? Leave a comment below and let’s talk about how we can help you and your business grow!

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