You Don't Have To BeA Writer To Write

Huh? You don’t have to be a writer to write. 

 So does that mean we can publish that book we’ve been sitting on for years? 


 Let me tell you a secret- I have two degrees and neither of them are in the writing field. Seriously, one was for broadcasting and the other was for nutritional science. Sure you had to write papers and such, but the focus was never centered around proper writing skills. Instead, I had to know what a chylomicron was or how carbon strands worked. They never checked to see if I had a comma or semi-colon on my chemistry tests- crazy right?

 So if your degree is holding you back from writing that special story you have hidden, well, it’s now an excuse. Just hear me out.

 Since we’re being honest here- writing a book scared me. Have you had this feeling? I bet everyone has been in our shoes a time or two BUT here’s the thing, even the best of the best have had their bad moments. Want to know why? Writing is not easy. 

 So let’s think about this some more- writing may not be easy, but that shouldn’t turn you away from that dream you have had for years. We all have a story to tell and for many it’s just screaming to get out of us. 

For myself, I went through some rough patches and was even told at one point that I was not a good writer. Before they decided to break me down, I loved to write poems and share my thoughts on paper. After I was told to find a different career, I locked away my words and hid my many thoughts in a vault. Guess what happened eventually? The words leaked out and my fingers were itching to share the many stories. Through some amazing words from someone special, I decided to ignore the past and just write. Now today, I have five books published and five books in the process stage. 

 Amazing, right?

 Are you in that same boat? Are you holding back for your own reasons?

 Stop holding back. It’s time to pick up that pen, pencil, or keyboard and share your story with everyone who will listen- because guess what, you don’t have to be a writer to write. Really.

 If you want to talk about that story you have or would like to share it with me- catch me over here at

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