Pinterest Scheduling- Is It That Important-

Today let’s dive back into automation, and this time let’s discuss Pinterest scheduling. Remember the guest post we had from Stephanie BwaBwa about Automation- the what, the why, and the how. Check out the post from Stephanie if you haven’t already, it’s so helpful to see the different forms of scheduling you can use for social media, your blog, and your day-to-day.

The only automation that was not shared- Tailwinds. So I thought I would touch on that form of scheduling a bit. If you have never heard of Tailwinds, it’s a scheduling service used for your Pinterest account. Are you already scheduling your pins on Pinterest? Or are you wondering why the heck you would schedule them?

Let’s dive into it just a wee bit deeper.

Yes, 80% of Pinterest users are those looking for a recipe, new DIY project, or what hairstyle to do next. BUT 20% of the users are actually building a business with the social platform, and many are able to be extremely successful.

With Pinterest, the big thing to keep in mind- it’s just as powerful as your favorite search engine, like Google or Bing- if not more powerful. Pinterest works with keywords just like Google does for SEO purposes. So, building a business with a powerful platform like Pinterest is a no-brainer.

We are only going to skim the the surface of Pinterest, if you want a more detailed description and maybe a tutorial let me know. You can comment below and ask away, or catch me over at our Facebook group, Imagine That, where you can ask something maybe other people were thinking about too.

The first thing to do is find a way to be added to groups, you can do this easiest over at PinGroupie. You find groups that are in your niche and make sure the group is actively pinning daily. There’s usually instructions in the bio for the group of how you can contact the creator and get added.

Okay, you have a Pinterest account, boards with your pins already and a bio for each board with good keywords, and hopefully a few groups you are added to now. (If I lost way back at the beginning with this information, that means you have never used Pinterest before or took the time to dive in head first. It’s okay, we can get you up to speed, just let me know where you are on your Pinterest knowledge and we will go from there.)

Tailwinds- Basically with the automation service, you have the ability to set up a schedule of pins daily or weekly. You could set your pins for the whole week in maybe an hour’s time. Crazy, right? BUT do you see how this process would free up your time to do other important things (unless you love getting lost on Pinterest looking for that perfect spaghetti squash recipe to make).

Plus, with this service you are sharing your blog posts, books, or services through a pin you created, with your new group boards and your own followers. Sharing your service with the group boards puts your content out to a bigger audience and gives it a bigger reach. The bonus of that, some of those pins you share on the group boards will get repined and boom, you just increased your reach again.

Yes, Pinterest was always thought to be just for fun, but seriously, it is so much more and so freaking powerful.

What a great way to build your audience, share your content, and maybe even meet like-minded people in the process.

We just want to find ways to keep helping you build your online presence and do it in a way that saves you time in your day. With Pinterest, it is the perfect way to achieve the former AND latter. Bonus, right?

Have any questions about Tailwinds or would you like a FREE month to try out? Send me email at or leave a comment here.

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