The World Needs Storytellers, People Like You.

Are you a storyteller? The world needs storytellers, people like you. Let’s take a look at Brian’s career and what makes him a storyteller.

I spent a few years earning journalism and television production degrees gathering the tools I would need to carve out a career in broadcasting. It was all I ever really wanted to do. I started writing early and initially saw myself in print media, then radio. Then in college I realized I could combine the best of all those and combine a journalism and television production degree.

I loved just about everything about the television aspect. I had the ability to tell stories by writing, and then combine video and audio elements and it was the best of all three worlds that held my interest growing up.

Side bar: While I was growing up someone told my mom I watched too much television. 27 years into a television career, I’d argue it worked out ok.

Anyway, once I got out of school I worked a little as a reporter, then as a producer and knew I was on the right track.

It was kind of magical. The people who had not only the ability to tell stories in this medium and had access to the gear necessary were comparatively small in number. It was this kind of exclusive little club and people who could do it and do it well were held in high regard.

Then things changed. The internet came along, the technology got more accessible and now everyone is carrying a camera in their hand 24/7 that outperforms the gear we had when I got out of school.

Not only does that camera work really well, you can edit and produce a video and have it online in 5 minutes and PEOPLE WILL SEE IT!

Think about that for a minute.

You can come up with an idea. Point your smart phone at it. Make it happen. Edit it if it’s more than one shot or take, and upload it to YouTube or Instagram or Facebook and literally… LITERALLY… within minutes someone just about anywhere in the world can be watching it.

Straight out of college me thinks that’s truly unbelievable.

Then traditional media outlets starting struggling, and some failing, and I began to wonder about the future of what I had chosen as a career- and as I became an occasional instructor at the Carolina School of Broadcasting I wondered why in the heck anyone would choose broadcasting as a career now?

Man, was I stupid.

I have since made a complete 180.

There has never… NEVER been a better time to embark on a career in this industry.

While admittedly that magic of this being a little exclusive club is gone, now everyone and his brother has the ability to be seen and heard and it’s a brave new world.

Don’t mistake this message, though, as a blanket endorsement for EVERYONE to be doing this at a high level. You still need to have that innate storytelling ability to make it work, knowing what makes a shot work, what makes edits work (knowing and recognizing why one frame of video in either direction makes a difference) however the accessibility is changing the world.

And yes, a lot of the content out there is crap. It’s still early, things will settle out. The world needs storytellers, people like you.

So go out and play. Make stuff.  It’s in you. Start letting it out.

And let me know what you’re doing. I want to see (just comment below)!

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