You Ready To Be A Twitter Rockstar

Who’s ready to be a Twitter ROCKSTAR?

This month Brian will be sharing a few posts about broadcasting, and how that area of the business works with online marketing. If you have a broadcasting background- then he will share how you can use what you know to build your online presence. You can check out his post from last week- The World Needs Storytellers, People Like You.

I will be chiming in amongst his posts to share our first e-course launching this month. We have a basic course to help you become a Twitter rockstar. The Recipe For Twitter Success e-course will be like a 101 biology or chemistry course you take at college- basic, to the point, and you walk away feeling like you have all that you need to be a rockstar.

Now, is Twitter easy to get started on? That’s a question that has been posed to me multiple times. The direct answer is- no. The more involved answer is- well, maybe, it depends on where you are on the different social media platforms. Do you use social for your business? Do you try to build your online presence for your books or business? See how that answer gets involved?

So, with our Recipe For Twitter Success e-course, all those questions and more get solved.

We plan to break down each area of Twitter and explain them in a more basic form, plus, give you examples and demonstrations to show you how to kill it on your next tweet.

For me personally, in the author community I have heard many share their frustrations with Twitter. Some of those users are on Facebook extensively and then feel utter confusion when looking at the interface of Twitter compared to Facebook. We will share in the e-course why they are different, BUT also why it’s still important to dive in head first.

To gear you up for the course, we have created a worksheet that you can use now or for the course. I provided some top hashtags used on Twitter, and spaces where you can add your own. Along with a few other important areas for mastering Twitter and becoming that rockstar.

Now, if you are already subscribed to our email list, you still want to sign up for this freebie. I promise you won’t be getting multiple messages or anything, my email service is amazing and never duplicates. We just need you added to the Twitter e-course list if you want to receive more info in the future about the course and when it’s launched. PLUS, you need to grab your FREEBIE, right?

We’re excited to have our first e-course coming your way VERY soon.

Any questions or Twitter frustrations- drop me a line at

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