How To Find The Time?

Boy is that title right up our alley. How to find the time? To write, blog, post to social media, eat. Wait, did we just type “eat?” Well, that’s not wrong. Come on, who here hasn’t had those days where you work so hard you forget to eat?  

You read so many things on time-management and how to make your day flow more smoothly. Then you’re in the middle of a dust storm and don’t know which way to turn. It’s really just you with your hair in all directions, eyes bugging-out, and hands holding papers, phone, iPad, computer, and maybe that last donut in the box. See it?

“Well, let’s take a deep breath together and know that we’re not on this journey alone. We all feel the burn. How we handle it is the million-dollar question?”

For Brian and myself- we’re figuring out how to run three websites weekly. One of the websites is Terra’s author site and actually that’s a busy task. The second site is here at Imagine, which is for sure very active. The third site is less active thank goodness, it’s our food blog, which is just for fun. Still, that means making sure we have content, social, and game plans for each one, each week. It get’s overwhelming at best. PLUS, we start the production of our first online course on Saturday, so course work will be added weekly. How to find the time? 

You ready for our answer? No, we don’t throw the to-do list in the air and see which one sticks to the ceiling. Although, that’s not a bad game plan, ha!

No, no, this answer is easier. We find what is most urgent and needs to be completed first, then move on to the next. Did you expect some lavish answer?

Here’s the thing- we’ll ALWAYS be busy. There will not be a time in our lives where there will be calm for extended periods of time, like when we were kids and could play for hours. As we age time seems to shrink somehow and we struggle more. 

So, don’t fight the inevitable- just dive into the dust storm head first and find which task is calling your name the loudest. Odds are, everything else will wait it’s turn. Guess what? Even social can wait. Did I just say that? Yup, truth. Your followers are probably doing the same thing as you, day in and day out. So, if you miss posting for a day, enjoy it. Move on, move forward. You have too many tasks to do, no need to sit and worry about the small stuff. Right?

Any questions or want to share how you manage your busy schedule, leave a comment below!

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