Celebrate The Small Wins

I sat there watching as she threw her fist in the air celebrating her victory. She was just a classmate, so I didn’t have to celebrate with her … again. Rolling my eyes instead, I could feel the weight of defeat heavy against my chest. It happened again, just like before- I came in last place.

There had to be a silver lining in it all, right? If I was going to lose every competition, then it was time to stop and take a moment to celebrate the small wins.

Not the first or second place medal, new job, or buying a house. Instead, we’re talking about celebrating the small stuff- the little things that we all brush off as no big deal or not good enough. Let’s stop and celebrate a small win together today.


Examples of small wins:

  • Five new people going to your site.
  • Two new subscribers for your email list.
  • One sale on your online course
  • 5-10 new followers on your social pages.

It may sound weird to celebrate one new subscriber on your email list, but you worked hard for that subscriber to notice you. You need to pat yourself on the back for that win. You managed to share solid content and valuable information that got someone’s attention. Big win, really.


It’s actually more fun to watch the reactions of others when they celebrate their small wins. You can see it in their eyes that accomplishment of finally feeling like a winner.

Think about that for a moment.

Remember what I shared about how I felt watching someone celebrate their big win? Just take a moment to visualize someone around you who was a bit intense after their big win. They were so excited, maybe a little out of control because they’re that happy. It’s not intentional, winning is exciting- it’s just human nature to go a bit over the top.

Now let’s stop and think about someone enjoying that small win. Everyone around that person gives praise, and shows genuine excitement. It feels different. EVERYONE is excited this time right, not just the big winner.

All of us can’t be a NYT best-seller. The good news is we don’t have to be to recognize we’ve accomplished something significant.

So don’t be shy. Do you have a small win to celebrate? You know you do.

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