Where did the time go?

Be honest- you’ve asked this question to yourself or people around you, right? With how hard we hustle every day, it should be no surprise when the day flashes before your eyes. Plus, you still have two thousand more words to write and it’s 2:00 a.m. already. So again, where did the time go?

Here at Imagine that paragraph is the story of our lives. Brian and I are both writers first, we have so many stories to tell and too little time.

For example, this week I’m finishing my sixth novel and have been locked in the writing cave uber-focused on that fun. So what does that mean for everything else? It gets sidelined for the time being.

Are you feeling guilty not getting all your work completed?


Here’s the thing everyone-

  • Social doesn’t disappear magically; it will always be there looming over your shoulders.
  • Your tribe is just as anxious as you are to finish that book.
  • OH and that blog post can go up anytime, because your website will ALWAYS be around.

Feel better?


As an author-entrepreneur, I have to remind myself quite frequently not to feel guilty. I want to be in multiple places all at once, but the reality is that’s impossible.

Brian is a producer/director/writer- so you can just imagine how his day flows. The amount of deadlines he experiences in one day is crazy to me. Guess what? Most of those are etched in stone, but some have wiggle room that can relieve that stress. If he has to move one of those it’s okay.

Remember, we’re only one person and we do require 6-8 hours of sleep a night, too.

So the next time you are wondering where did the time go, just stop and assess your workflow.

  • Did you complete the most important tasks on your list?
  • Can you take that break you deserve?
  • Oh, and did you actually eat today? (Come on, you’ve forgotten to eat, too!)

We’ve been sharing some posts that not only give us great information, but also help us feel stronger about what we are doing as entrepreneurs! Being an entrepreneur is not easy, and requires serious dedication- which you all have!

Any questions or just want to talk about your current writing project- email me at terra@imaginebandt.com.

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