Podcast pioneer: Brian started a podcast back in 2001, (way before there was a name for the process). Today, he has extensive knowledge on this subject and is ready to share all his secrets with you.


Brian has worked for 27 years in the television industry, and experienced all facets of how the jobs are run. With his extensive knowledge, he has helped many TV personalities advance in their careers.


Brian has worked in marketing for over 11 years, with his expertise he can help advance your campaigns to that next level. Terra is a published author, understands social media and the importance of promoting for publications.

Social Media

Both Brian and Terra have several years of experience working with all areas of social media. Now, they are ready to share all the ins and outs to help show social media can be fun, instead of intimidating.

Brian Baltosiewich

Brian Baltosiewich


Nearly 30 years in all aspects of broadcasting, digital media, podcasting, social media, and marketing.

Brian has coached young broadcasters for years and can help you improve your performance and make solid career decisions.

He began podcasting before iPods were even a thing, producing quality audio content on the internet as early as 2001.

He’s an accomplished writer for both broadcast and print, and can help you find your voice there, too.

Brian’s goal is to get you podcasting, marketing yourself, and improving your performance, writing and storytelling skills.

Terra Baltosiewich

Terra Baltosiewich


She comes from an entrepreneurial minded family: Her grandfather and father both had their own businesses. “It’s in my blood,” she says.

Her passion stems from hitting publish on her first book back in November 2014- everything changed. Now, just two years later and five books all self-published- she has a new appreciation for the craft. Terra has her own team to make each book shine- she has editors, a cover artist, photographer, formatter, and an amazing group of dedicated readers to review her work.

Not only is Terra a self-published author, she has been building on her marketing skills for the past six years through her food blog, Café Terra.

What is Imagine B & T? A place where you will build your online presence. Something that she knows first hand would be beneficial even for the indie book community!

Her goal: To now help those looking to self-publish or have published a book build their online presence. She’s a writer first and has a serious passion for social media.

When she’s not working (which is almost never), you will find her with a glass of wine or bourbon cocktail, and a big smile on her face.

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