If you are thinking about launching a podcast, this book offers a real look at what it takes, and what you will get out of it. Featuring interviews with Adam Carolla and John Oliver, and written by a 15-year veteran of the podcast trenches. From “finding your voice” to equipment, to shameless self-promotion and building an audience, this book is an invaluable first step on your way to your own podcast.

Article in Tucson Weekly:

“During his extensive work career behind the scenes at radio and television stations in Tucson, Brian Baltosiewich knew change was happening, and he could see the traditional electronic media model was in danger. He also recognized that podcasting was going to be a more viable player on the media landscape.

It’s in Tucson where he devised the idea for radio exiles, a collection of out of work radio personalities who could bring their audiences with them in the Internet age via the podcast alternative. Since leaving Tucson for a television job in Charlotte, Baltosiewich took the concept with him, and is instrumental in a number of podcast projects in The Queen City.

He’s been part of podcasts since before the word was a fixture of our nomenclature. So it seems natural Baltosiewich would write a handy, easy-to-read, instructional breakdown on the podcast process, entitled The Podcast Pep Talk.” ~John Schuster, Media Watch



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